Friday, September 18, 2009

Checking in

Well, I am almost finished! I will graduate from Cosmetology school next Saturday, September 26th at 4pm!!!!! WOOOOFREAKINHOOOOOO!!!!

Oh, by the way, the hair now looks awesome!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yea Yea Yea....I know, I know!

I know, I am the worst blogger ever!!! You come here to see what's going on.....and nothing!!! What can I say....ALOT!!!!! Two More Weeks!!!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOOT!!!! I will be finished with cosmetology school in 2 more freakin weeks!!!!!!! I will be able to get my life back and spend some time with my bff's and my hubby and grandbabies and my beautiful daughters!!! Speaking of is my babies 24th birthday and tomorrow is my big girls 26th!!! WOW...I did make me some pretty girls!!!! I love them so much!!! loving husband never says anything one way or the other about my hair has made two comments, once when I went back to my natural red, and yesterday, when he said he missed his redhead (it's been blonde and brown for months now). So, this eveing, I decided, with some help from my classmates, that this wonderful man never asks anything from me, so the least i could do for him was to return to my red-headed self. Well....this is what went wrong!!!! With all the blonde highlights in my hair, I now have some seriously RED and burgundy going on. I was laughing so hard when I was running the blow dryer that I almost peed myself. Still laughing, I came up the staris to my loving Michael who simply smiled and said, "what's wrong with it, I like it". I feel that he may have just said that because he loves me unconditionally. But in hindsight, I really think he thinks it's cute. We shall see how this plays out tomorrow when the public gets a glimps of this new creation. There is no crayon in the box to describe it!!! My fear is that the highlighted areas will turn a little pink over the next week if I don't put a brown rinse over it to tone the red down.....hummmm.....Pink is my favorite color!!!!! We shall see.....more tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Count Down......

WOW!!! It's almost here!!!! I will finish Cosmetology School at the end of this month and take my state boards next month!!!!! WOOOHHOOOOO!!!!!! Finally!!! What will it feel like to have my nights free to play with all my new treasures!! And more over, to spend some time with my family and friends!