Tuesday, July 17, 2012

getting there

I am finding my crafting mojo again. Since I started culinary school last fall, I have had no desire, inerest or motivation to craft anything but a nice long nap :( I am happy to say that for the past month I have really been in the mood to play in my craft room and come up with something I never thought I could do....come up with something original. I go from site to site, friend to friend and place to place looking for ideas, and always say "why didn't I think of that", or "why do I always have to use someone elses inspiration". Well, for our craft club in February, I got to come up with an idea all on my own!!! I even searched the web to see if there were others out there..but nope!!! I got to it first!!! What a proud moment it was!


Not a question, but a comment!!! What, as in what in the world has been going on and where in the hell have I been? Well, let me tell you, I am in culinary school studying baking and pastry and culinary arts!!! I have gone from being a good cook and good baker to creative culinarian and experimental pastry chef too be!! I have been introduced to some great chefs, some weird ass foods, and some incredible new creations!!! I am no longer hesitant to experiment with new ideas in the kitchen, and sometime now, I just take and old favorite and make it a gourmet meal! Let's see, what else? I have a brand new craft room!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! If I can figure out how to post a picture on here, I will do that! I have given up on my Cricut Gypsy, with no thanks to Provocraft! Sooooo.... I bought a new Cameo Silhouette and I LOVE IT!!!! I took a weekend trip to West Virginia with my sweet daughter Jeni and 2 of my grandsons (one was in GA) to a family reunion, and we had a blast! I am taking all 3 grandsons camping there in August :) And....the most awesome thing since I was last here.....My baby girl, Heather (whom I have always called Fred :)) married the man of her dreams...Lucas! Boy oh Boy!!! Maybe I shouldn't wait so long to check back in!!