Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Count Down......

WOW!!! It's almost here!!!! I will finish Cosmetology School at the end of this month and take my state boards next month!!!!! WOOOHHOOOOO!!!!!! Finally!!! What will it feel like to have my nights free to play with all my new treasures!! And more over, to spend some time with my family and friends!


  1. I'm so very proud of you!
    Now, is this it for school, or are you planning on something else already? If you aren't done with school yet, I recommend a break. :)

  2. I second the break idea!!

    I am so proud of you!! What an accomplishment....and I know you are thrilled to be almost done!!

    Can't wait to see your space too! Is Mike still working on it?

  3. Ok, remember we are gonna start nursing school now!!!! you still in??? (after you take some much needed time off for a longgggg break!!!)
    congrats honey!!!