Monday, September 6, 2010

How Hard Can It Be?

Apparently, Pretty damn hard! I referring to me and the inability of all these freakin doctors not being able to figure out why I am having so much abdominal pain. It is pretty pathetic when you have to go online, and refer to your friends and family to get a freakin diagnosis!

I was completely unaware that a non function gall bladder was not urgent enough to call in a nuclear scan technician in to perform a damn test..."sorry, you will have to suffer in agony until the three day holiday is over"! WTF! Isn't that why they are "on call", so they are prepared to be clled in to work on a three day weekend. If the gall bladder doesn't function properly, the pain is pretty fierce, and they tell you not to take any narcotics or pain meds because you can get constipated! BULLSHIT!!! I can take a laxative or do a freakin enema, but I am not laying here suffering for three days because you told me not to take anything for pain. I took my pain pill, was able to sleep, and took a big healthy shit!

So, doctor beware, the web is putting you out of business, and don't be surprised that a patient actually knows their own body and when it hurts, we are gonna find out why, with or without you!

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    I have been texting with you all day long and as of 2:49 they still don't know what the fuck is wrong with you.

    Let's vow to punch someone in the face if they tell you "We're not saying you are not in pain......."


    Fuck 'em!

    Love ya bitch.