Monday, August 9, 2010

Been a While

SO, yes I know it has been a long while since I posted anything, but life gets busy, then you have your hand cut open! Yep, I had hand surgery a few weeks ago, and still have some swelling, but the numbness is gone!!!! I don't have much grip yet, but it's getting better everyday.

It's almost time for our annual trip to Charlotte!!!!!! So excited that me, Brandy, Amber and Renee will be on our way Wednesday afternoon!!! We don't have to be at the first crop til Thursday at noon, but want to get there early to get settled in before the merriment commences!!!!!! We crop from noon til 5pm on Thursday, then I get to volunteer at the first class that night and my voucher for $30 worth of goodies!!!! (and whatever people leave behind I will snag!!!!) Then Friday..SHOPPING!!!!!!!!! Then volunteer for door prizes ...another $30 voucher for GOODIES!!!! Then crop Friday night!!!! Then Saturday......yeppperoooooooo more SHOPPING!!!!!!!!! For our final night we get to CROP AGAIN!!!! Then Sunday, we are hoping to head to Donna Downey's Studio about 15 miles away. Still waiting to hear back on a special time for someone to be there since she is closed that day.

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