Sunday, September 30, 2012


SO, I am now halfway through fall semester and ready to decorate the house with warm fuzzies!!! This is by far, my most favorite time of the year. I start feeling the sentimental tug on my heart strings and start missing my family being close. I miss my dad a lot during the holidays. I miss him all the time, but it is more so when I remember our last Christmas with him. I recorded that Christmas on video, but all you hear is his voice, you never see him, and that makes me sad :( I miss having both of my girls with me during the holidays too. But this year, I did get to travel to Denver to see my baby girl and her new husband!!! I am so happy for them both. They eloped and did it all by themselves and I am good with that. It is all about them and what makes them happy. I admire them for doing things their way. Why all this mopping and boohooing about the holidays here at the end of September you ask? Well, my BFF Amber and I made a trip to our brand new HOBBY LOBBY yesterday and went cookoo for crafts!!! We bought Fall and Christmas crafting project supplies to work on creating some amazing treasures. Yes, I will post some pictures when they get done, and yes, they will be done before the holidays!!!

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  1. Good to see you blogging my BFF and WOW....did we have fun or what?? I should have done something fun and crafty yesterday, but I was sooo lazy yesterday (but really? it felt hella-good!).

    I love you and am glad we got to spend the whole day together on Saturday!