Saturday, August 8, 2009

Time to get down to scrappin'

Woohoooo! Time has flown by since we made plans to get to the convention, and as eager as I was in the beginning, I am eager now!!! The only problem has been life getting in the way of finishing my cards for the card swap, and gathering up the things I need for all the crops and such. Now, I do need to ask the question of what should I take to put all my treasures in once I purchase them!!! The list said no rolling totes or cropper hoppers on the sales floor!!!! WHAT!!! Where will I put my new toys!!!


  1. I plan on carrying my recycle totes and once we get too ladden down with treasures, we can carry the totes back to the hotel, empty them and go back for more!!

    I just got all my stuff packed up yesterday! I have to rolling totel FULL TO CAPACITY, my small pink/brown desktop tote and my shoulder bag FULL!!

    Oh, and I am sure you got the coupons via email for the various booths, but in case you didn't, I have printed off three copies of each coupon (one for each of us)!!

    Can't wait girlie!! Luvs ya!!

  2. yes, my dear, you will have to make MANY trips back to the hotel room to unload! I cannot wait myself! I really cannot wait to spend my gift cert that you guys gave me for my bday!! woohooooo! I abso love that pic of you and Mikey! That is so beautiful!

  3. You guys are a trip! Don't forget about a backpack too. My black one is still at your place, and it's roomy and still has a lot of padding on the shoulder straps.