Wednesday, May 19, 2010

keep on keepin on

This week has been something else...I will be having surgery on my right hand in July, and what a scary thing to think about seeing how my entire career is my work with my hands, so all I can do is pray that all goes well and two weeks later I will be back and running. I asked around and no one else knows of a massage therapist to have this surgery, but thanks to the rear end collision 2+ years ago...this is what it has come down to. I hope it won't affect the CK convention in August.


  1. Why didn't you call me and tell me???? The way I look at it is this, you have to do what you have to do to feel better. I am there to help you through ANYTHING this creates, girl!|

    Oh, and even if you were to have this surgery on the 31st of July (the latest date possible in July), that gives you two weeks to be healed for the convention. If I have to hold the scissors in your hand for you, girl, you know I will.

    Love you!!

  2. I just talked to you this morning and you didn't mention you'd set a surgery date yet. I'll talk to you once you get off work.