Sunday, December 16, 2012

Needing to Vent

Someone with a mental illness does not methodically plan and carry out a horrific act, it did not happen over night, it was planned out very carefully and methodically, and the only thing that can be a reasonable person explanation for any of the horrific crimes that have been committed by taking the life of any innocent human being, is PURE EVIL!!! There is no way of ever convincing me that someone just "Snaps" have the sense enough to attempt to cover ones tracks by destroying a hard drive from a computer to try and hide what you are doing....that takes a very intelligent, well thought out process....not the doings of a "simple mind" or the mind of someone who is "disturbed". An EVIL and UNGODLY soul, in it's worse form, is THE ONLY explanation for what these EVIL sub-humans have done. I am SICK and TIRED of these damn specialists and psychologist saying this EVIL is caused by "metal illness" and "behavioral problems" is what it is, JUST PURE FUCKING EVIL!!!! It doesn't take a degree to know that we are living in an un-Godly world and that the more attention you bring to these EVIL acts and there EVIL DOERS is just fueling the fires that burn below the Heavens. I don't care if you follow what I believe or not, this is a free country where we have the rights to voice our opinions, and this is one of my forms of getting my feelings and thoughts out there. I believe that once this investigation is over, that school needs to be destroyed and a new school built, so these poor no-longer innocent children will have a place where those memories are not always in the hallways that they used to feel safe in. I for one would NEVER EVER EVER send my child back to that place! Gun control has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HAPPENED!!! If someone wants a damn gun, just like crack and cocaine, they are gonna get the damn thing and there is NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO TO STOP THEM! Opening your eyes and listening to those around you when they say "hey, you might wanna get some help" because you see things they don't going on with their child, or spouse or friend or family member. To choose to ignore the OBVIOUS SIGNS OF TROUBLE, makes you just as guilty as the person committing the crime, in my eyes. Call me a bitch, I really don't care. If you don't like my opinions, don't read them. I pray every day for the safety of our children, and when acts like this happen, I NEVER EVER BLAME GOD!! I blame the EVIL PERSON THAT COMMITTED THE CRIME!!! You can not blame a dman video game either! I can tell you, that as a child, there was NEVER FEAR of walking down the street, going to a friends, going to the mall, riding the bus or train to go hang out with friends....I WAS 10 to 16 years old doing these things. There is NOT A CHANCE of EVER letting one of my grand kids out of my sight when we aren't at home....I HATE THIS!! This is not how we should have to live. Scared to go anywhere, even to answer the door when the bell rings in becoming un-nerving. With the amazing designer drugs that are now readily available at gas stations or over the internet, there is no telling what amazingly innocent child can do if they get hold of God, look what happened in Florida. You will NEVER convince me that a "mentally ill" person could plan so meticulously such an EVIL ACT! This is my way of helping me to heal in the understanding of the horrible acts that are happening around us. We all grieve in our way, and this is my way. To vent and get it out.

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