Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cancer SUCKS!

So, my sister that just started chemo last week for the Small Cell Lung Cancer, has finished her first three rounds of chemo and will have 21 days to recover from that then they will repeat her PET Scan to see how things look, then do three more days of chemo with 21 days off and then check her PET Scan again. After her second day of chemo she and her son met with the oncologist to get the results of the PET Scan.....My sister (we are giving her a name now....Debbie) was excited to know that the cancer was not in her liver or kidneys, but there is a "small" amount in her lungs and in her brain....she called it a "small" I celebrated that moment with her on the phone. Hey, if she is happy, I'm gonna be happy for her!!! She has come to terms with her bleak prognosis and is doing what is necessary to make the most of the time she has by being upbeat and positive!!! They say that a positive attitude can help the body to heal, so by golly gosh....WE ARE GONNA ALL BE UPBEAT AND POSITIVE!!!! I will cry on my own time, and not share the fear and sadness that wells up in me. I want her to remain happy and full of life, this is her journey and I am going to do my best to make it a good one with her!! My next sister (Linda) the one with the probable low grade lymphoma is also being positive. She had an upset stomach and laid on her cool bathroom floor waiting for it to pass (we did this as children too) and she paid a dear price for it a few hours later...her left foot ached and throbbed and burned with pain so bad that she had to call one of her daughters to come take her to the ER. The doctors didn't see anything on the x rays and diagnosed her with neuropathy (nerve pain) and told her to see her neurologist. No crutches, no anything to keep her off the foot she can't put any pressure on because it brings her to tears. Just some Tramadol for the pain...hey if Percocet did nothing for the pain, the damn Tramadol ain't gonna help either!! She has had a very rough few days, and made it even worse emotionally for her because she was going to take Debbie to her chemo on Friday and couldn't. Me, I quit my job so I can focus on this anatomy and physiology class and all I can seem to focus on is my sisters, and everything and anything else but my school work. My mind is running rampant and I think I'm in this class over my head, but I AM NOT DROPPING it!!! I refuse to give up!! So, with that said and my head emptied of the goings on with two of my sisters, I am calling it a night and going to bed. I have my first exam tomorrow in the testing center for my anatomy and physiology class. Wish me luck!!!

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