Monday, January 4, 2016

I mean it this time!!

Hello to anyone who happens to still come visits blogs....obviously it's been less than a year since I actually looked at my own blog, let alone anyone else's. My world has been upside down and twisted around in the last few years, but not as bad as 2015 was. I lost my most amazing mother in March, shortly after my birthday. I surprised myself in ways I never imagined. I always thought that my whole world would crumble and you'd have to pick me up of the ground when my momma died....that was not even close to what happened! Don't get me wrong, I was devastated from the moment I found out she had less than a month to live, she had end stage Small Oat Cell Cancer, and within a few weeks of getting the devastating news.....she was gone. My heart sank and I cried and I cried and I cried some more. I still cry, sometimes it hits me outta nowhere. My father died nearly 16 years ago, and the pain of loosing him was heartbreaking, but honey let me tell you this, there IS NO MEASURABLE difference when you loose your momma! Mommas are different. Mommas are some kind of special. Mommas give you something that daddy's just can't give. I don't know what it is, or how to put it in words, but for those of you blessed to have the best know what I mean and my heart goes out to you if you have lost her. I have been back in school now for over 4 years thanks to my husband. I was working and doing my thing when he offered up his GI Bill to me. Once he retired from the Air Force and began working for Boeing, he didn't have a need for it anymore because Boeing would be paying for him to finish his Bachelors Degree AND his Masters!! He has since finished both....WITH HONORS!!! (insert proud wife cheesy grin).....anyway, I went thru culinary and baking and pastry and FINALLY finished the two classes that have kept me from attaining my Associates Degree (did I ever tell you I HATE MATH!!!!!). Once I finished my degree, I just kept on going (CRAZY I KNOW!!!!!) and took some art classes and delved into photography!! I was in the second year of my photography degree when momma passed away, needless to say, that was the end of that!! I stopped working and going to school to be with her for whatever time there was left! I am so grateful to God that he let me be there for her (I was there for daddy too). I made a promise to her before she died and I intend to keep it. When I was in the Navy I was a Dental Technician (do everything involved with teeth) and I LOVED IT!!! When I got out of the Navy I started college to get my Dental Hygiene Degree and I broke my ankle during my second year of pre-requisites and never went back. I worked for a dentist for a few years then went back to school (not for dental because it was nearly 2 hours away from the only campus) to study criminal justice and paralegal studies. Turns out that it was not for me so I went back to work waiting tables. I eventually went to massage therapy school years later and after graduating I ended up in Charleston, SC with a new life, new me, new beginning! Turns out to be the best thing EVER (other than my beautiful daughters!). I met my sweet loving husband a few months after I moved and it's been bliss every since! But I digress......back to school...well, I went to school after I moved here to study esthetics (skin care) and then went on to cosmetology (why not!) and was rolling along at my job for 7 YEARS!!!! When outta nowhere my husband offers me his GI Bill. What the heck am I gonna do with that? "Basket weaving" he tells me! "Do something fun" he I did! This month I will be returning to school to finish my art and photography degrees.......and........I will also begin the Dental Hygiene program!!!! Yepper!!! I will be embarking on a journey that began over 20 years ago, and this time, I will complete the journey and fulfill my promise to not only my mother, but to myself! I will also be blogging frequently so I can keep my head in the game and hold myself accountable. If you read this, thank you, if you don't that's okay too. It will be good therapy for me to be able to get thoughts out of my head, and to get creativity flowing again! Oh.....I forgot that part! I haven't crafted in almost a year!!! I'm telling you, when momma died, a part of me died with her. My mojo left the building, and it's knocking on the door wanting to come back in and I think that I am ready for it now. So, you will be hearing about school, and about the awesome (or not so awesome) crafts I create!! Thanks for listening (reading) or not, either way, I'm good!!

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