Thursday, June 30, 2016

Still Alive and Kicking!!

Since my last post in January, my sister Debbie has lost all of her hair due to the chemotherapy, and has been undergoing radiation therapy to try to rid her body of the cancer that has spread to her brain. The doctors wanted to do gamma knife surgery on her, but the cancer in her brain has spread to too many places to do it, so they will continue with the radiation 5 days a week through December. She didn't have any bad reactions to the chemo, but the radiation is making her very tired and not feeling well. I don't know if that is because of the radiation or the spread of the cancer cells, since small cell cancer is the fastest spreading cancer there is :( She has been eating more fruits and more protein, and has actually gained a few much needed pounds and has been trying to stay active so she can enjoy her granddaughter Abbie as much as she can. My heart is aching for my sister and the future she is facing with this horrible, unforgiving disease :( I pray that God will give her time here to watch her granddaughter grow up. My oldest sister Sharon just went through a hip replacement surgery this week and is doing well and will hopefully get to go home today or tomorrow. I only hope she doesn't overdo it.....she runs her household and works in her garden, so keeping her down is gonna be a hard job! My sister Linda and her husband just bought a forever home and are in the process of moving and fixing up their old house to put on the market. We have all been helping her as much as we can since her husband is disabled from a brain injury he suffered in 2003. My brother Earl and his wife just welcomed their second granddaughter Chloe!! Jeni is managing well while her husband is spending a week in Texas for work. Heather (Fred) is still loving her little family in Colorado. Mike and I are enjoying our upgraded pool and the garden we have done in the back yard. I am working on completing a blanket/quilt for our Harry Potter room and making new pillows for the sofa. I am also getting ready to start our cosplay costumes for Arthur and Molly Weasley that we will be wearing to the 2017 Harry Potter celebration in Orlando. I guess that's it for now......later tater :D

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