Saturday, October 17, 2009


Wow am I glad this work week is over!!! I normally see anywhere from 3 to ten clients a week......this week....26!!!!!! WOW am I tired!!! Not so much from the work, but hauling my massage table up two and three flights of stairs for some outcalls. That damn thing was not that heavy before!!! I guess with this extra 30+ pounds it just feels heavier. No matter....I made up some for missing so much work over the last month or two.

I passed my written exam, now all I have to do is get through the practical Monday!!!

My reward for all of this....I am gonna go see Kathy Griffin tomorrow night!!!!


  1. Sweet!! Not just the 26 clients and the extra money.....but going to see Kathy Griffith to boot!

    See you tomorrow!!

  2. girl, you are such a rockstar!!!! I am sooooooo proud of you! You have fun at Kathy G tonight! she is hysterical