Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little bit about me....okay alot you never wanted to know

Survey of Randomness
Got to love my Amber for having the best idea here to get some more random information out there to my loyal here you go.....

1. Where is your phone? well, it depends, my cell phone is on my charger right beside me, my house phone is in the kitchen, my office phone....hummmmm, it's at my office!

2. Your hair? in the process of growning out, and now a color that my Michael LOVES!!!!!

3. Your mother? the BEST!!!

4. Your father? humm...boy how much I miss him!!! he now resides in beautiful brass urn with a brass magnolia leaf and flower on it in my mothers Shirley Temple doll collection curio cabinet. Surrounded by beautiful women...just like he liked it his whole life!!!

5. Your favorite food? Japanese and whatever Mike creates.

6. Your dream last night? slept like a dreaming last night

7. Your favorite drink? chocolate martini, white zinfindel, diet coke, water with lemon

8. Your dream/goal? Healthy aand happy!!

9. What room are you in? my bedroom chillin out and watching project runway

10. Your hobby? scrapbooking and sewing

11. Your fear? not having my mom around to talk to

12. Where do you want to be in six years? happily living in Colorado out of this freaking hot ass southern weather!!!!!

13. Where were you last night?curled up on the sofa with my Michael watching tv and relaxing with the pups and some popcorn and a glass of wine

15. Muffins? banana nut please

16. Wish list item? I have had my eye on a mercedes for years, it is my dream car......1980 450SL convertible!!!!!

17. Where did you grow up? Kentucky and Georgia

18. Last thing you did? had an awesome dinner at Wasbi with my Michael and my brother and sister-in-law

19. What are you wearing? now thi is really personal......but if you must know, or if you care.... my granny panties and a white tank top.....I am in bed you know!

20. Your TV?......holy shit!!! we have, one in the bathroom, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, master bedroom, living room, kitchen, loft, and wood shop in the back yard....and an extra just in case!!!

21. Your friends? are the best!!!! wish I could spend more time with them

22. Your life? very

23. Your mood? very happy most of the time, but can flip a swtich in a hurry

24. Missing someone? my Heather, I never get to see her or talk to her and she only lives 20 minutes away :-(

25. Vehicle? can't miss that bright yellow thing!!!

26. Something you're not wearing? you bra, bo pants....I told you, I am in bed!!!!

27. Your favorite store? ooooohhhhh, Charleston scrapbooking!!!!

28. Your favorite color? have you met me!!!!! PINK!!!!

29. Last time you laughed? reading Amberss blog ....of course

30. Last time you cried? last night when I burned my arm

31. Your best friend?I have four: Mike, Maria, Amber and Brandy.....all of whom make everyday worth waking up for in each of their own special ways!!!!! Thank you for being a special part of my life!!!

32. One place that you go over and over? the potty....what can I say, girls gotta pee you know :-)

33. One person who emails you regularly?
amber and Brandy never fail to send me the BEST funnies

34. Favorite place to eat? here at home when Mike cooks!!!

Okay, done! See, now don't you know just that much more about me? Now, copy my survey and paste it to your blogs and fill in YOUR answers.

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  1. I think it is the COOLEST that yall did that survey! Sweet!! Oh, and tell Jeni I still cannot post to her blog. Just tell her, though, that I am faithfully reading it!

    Hope to se eyou soon! Miss you and love you!